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IP65 LED Flexible Strip Coloured


Whitevision's Coolight™ WNWF series premium grade coloured LED strip are a ultra high quality strip designed for maximum performance and efficiency. Each coloured strip uses ultra reliable 5050 LED chips with specialised optics to produce one of the highest output LED strips per metre available. The WNWF series also features integrated low voltage circuit protection technology and superior flexible properties enabling limitless applications.  Fully rated to IP65, WNWF series strip can be used in all weather outdoor conditions or for interior use. The strip is an easy and simple stick on mount and uses high quality 3M MP200 specification adhesive tape, for maximum bonding to a variety of surfaces. Suitable for OE and commercial applications where high output and reliability is paramount.


• Premium Grade LED Strip
• Superior light output per metre
• High efficienccy and low current consumtion
• Fully flexible
• 3M Adhesive mounting


Applications • RV • Bus & Coach  • Caravan  • Custom Builds  • Mining • 4x4
Functions Coloured LED Strip for lighting
Voltage 12 or 24 Volt
Colour Temperature

Colours 3000K

Leds/M 60
3M MP200 adhesive tape
Fully Sealed IP65
Dimensions 300mm / 600mm / 1200mm / 5M lengths

Parts List

WARM WHITE 12v IP65 with 3M Tape Backing - 5m Roll
CL-BNWF121200-60T3 BLUE 12v IP65 with 3M Tape Backing - 5m Roll
CL-OUWF121200-60T3-W RED 12v IP65 with 3M Tape Backing - 5m Roll
CL-YUWF121200-60T3-W AMBER 12v IP65 with 3M Tape Backing - 5m Roll
CL-GNWF121200-60T3-W GREEN 12v IP65 with 3M Tape Backing - 5m Roll